Lawn protection without toxic chemicals

We often do not realize it until it comes time to buy produce from your local farmers’ market or grocery store, but the chemicals used to repel, deter, or kill pests on your lawn or in your garden are usually not materials that you would want to even come close to ingesting.  Take for example chemical root killer.  Although it may seem harmless, this product usually contains copper sulfate which is dangerous and toxic to you if it gets on the skin or in the eyes.  You can even see the strength of the chemicals for yourself if you take the crystals and light them using rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka, the flame will burn blue like a children’s mad scientist project.

There are plenty of healthier options when it comes to your tree and lawn care, that don’t have to involve using harsh sprays, crystals, or anything else that is toxic.    Lots of folks, especially in suburban neighborhoods, get convinced by their neighbors that hiring a lawn spraying service is the best option just because everyone else is doing it.  There is a reason that those guys put a little plastic warning sign after they leave the job site– it is because the chemicals are dangerous for children, animals, and more to even walk on when they are still wet and haven’t absorbed into the ground.  So, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon, we at Green Tree Service Lodge Diaries recommend exploring more eco-friendly options that will not only help in the fight against climate change, it will keep you and your household far away from toxic chemicals.

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